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Transforming The Digital Experience Of A High Street Icon.

In 2022, VERLUTI, a long-standing high-end leather retailer, recognized the importance of maintaining e-commerce excellence. Our engagement with the brand involved weaving together strategy, UX, interface design, and creative direction to revamp the digital experience. Within three months, we executed a comprehensive brand repositioning. We introduced a compelling value proposition, core principles, an ambitious mission, and a dynamic experience that delighted users across devices. This transformation significantly increased conversion, traffic, and digital turnover. It solidified VERLUTI's position as a leader in fashion accessories both online and on the high street.

Verluti Wekend bag

Reigniting Verluti digital experience

Effective strategies are those fueled by vision and grounded in real insight. As a significant fashion accessories "player", they cater to a diverse consumer base, prompting us to cast a wide net for audience insight. Two crucial findings emerged: their most profitable customers were exceptionally lucrative, outperforming 90% of buyers and exhibiting high return rates. Beyond functionality, our research identified an emotional aspect.

Seamless Web Development

Through our collaborative efforts, we revolutionized Verluti's digital landscape, enhancing every touchpoint of its customer journey. From intuitive UX designs to visually stunning UI elements and seamless web development, we crafted a digital experience that resonates with Verluti's high-street leather bag and accessory brand. Our work redefines their online presence and reignites their customers' passion for luxury, seamlessly blending style and functionality.

VERLUTI Bowling bag

Google Page Speed Insight metrics for Verluti on mobile.

Why is this important? Google tends to prioritize getting relevant information to users as quickly as possible. Site performance is an essential factor in Google search rankings. Furthermore, performance on mobile devices is crucial for SEO, so if our competitors do not mention it, they are in the wrong business.

Discover the comprehensive web development in this link: Verluti's Google PSI score.

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Verluti Homepage on three different devices



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